Spot is a system that senses user interaction with objects in a simple yet robust way, based on a combination of computer vision algorithms and end-user programming.  It became a Samsung B2B product, enabling retail spaces to create and customize instore interactive experiences, while providing on and off-screen real-time engagement analytics.

How to setup an interactive space with Spot

Spot can be setup up very easily using its tablet app. The app provides a view from the sensor, with overlayed information indicating which object is registered. To register a new object, the user selects it on the display, and links it to the event or content that should be triggered if the system detects an interaction.

In-store pilot tests
Team and Credits

Direction: Olivier Bau
Initial explorations: Olivier Bau, Brian Harms
Software: Brian Harms, Pol Pla

Project done at Samsung Research American, Mountain View, CA