Jacquard Residency

Tree of light by OMA Space

32al helped Google and three international artists design and produce art pieces combining textile and technology. During this residency, artists collaborated with the artisans and art technicians of Mobilier National in Paris to blend Jacquard technology developed at Google ATAP with ancestral savoir-faire. The final exhibition took place in the reserve of Mobilier National. The final exhibition took place at the Mobilier National during the FIAC. For more information about the residency, please visit the Google Arts and Culture page.


Art Pieces by OMA Space, Chloe Bensahel and Amor Munoz
Artist Mentors: Pamela Goblin, Memo Atken
Production: Atlas V, 32al
Development and Advising: 32al, Jonathan Tanant
Art Residency by Google ATAP, Google Arts and Culture and Mobilier National


Words weave worlds by Chloe Bensahel
Notes and folds by Amor Munoz
OMA Space, Chloe Bensahel, Amor Munoz
Work in progress at the Mobilier National